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Top 10 Forex Strategies

The Bladerunner is a forex price action strategy trading strategy that uses pure Price Action to find entries. We use candlesticks, pivot points, round numbers and good old support and resistance levels when trading with this strategy.

The Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy uses standard Fibonacci retracements in confluence with the daily pivot levels in order to get trade entries. My preferred parameters are the 38% or 50% Fibonacci levels in confluence with the daily central pivot.

Trading Bollinger band bounces and retests in a ranging market. Just because price is range bound doesn’t mean you have to be without trading opportunities!

On its own the stochastic indicator may only be partially useful, but combine two of them – one slow, one fast – and something very interesting happens…

A single Fibonacci level may be significant , but two Fibonacci retracements or extensions in confluence are a mighty combination. The concept of Overlapping Fibonacci in forex trading is one that most traders come to after having used Fibonacci for some time.

Wondering how to trade the London forex open and beyond? Here’s a suggestion… What with the volatility and indecision that has characterised many of the European trading sessions lately, I haven’t had much success finding good Bladerunner trades at the London open.

The Bladerunner Reversal is a variation on the Bladerunner itself. It uses the forex polarity indicator, which is a combination of the 20 EMA and the Bollinger mid-band. In fact, you could just use those two together if you don’t have access to the polarity indicator (available if you sign up for  free

We’ve all been in the situation where we are watching price trade in a tight range, waiting to trade the breakout from that range. Our reasoning  perfectly logical  is that since price usually breaks out of a tight range with a violent move in one direction or the other, we could make a stack of money by getting on board that move early.

This is a companion piece to the first article dealing with support and resistance breakout trading: Pop ‘n’ Stop Trades. Since most of the principles involved are identical, I won’t cover that ground again, but simply show how the strategy also works for breakouts to the downside in forex.

The concept of The Forex Fractal is more than just a strategy idea. It was first explained to me in depth by top trader and CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) Chris Lori. If you find what follows interesting, I definitely recommend the study of Chris’s materials.